About Us

Trust us when we say learning is funtastic! We at Fry Day Poll believe in mixing fun with knowledge. Do you have an opinion about something or even everything? Then Fry Day Poll is the place to be at! Every other day we hold polls and let you cast your vote for your opinion. Just after you click on the choice, we also show you how many of those that voted stand with you and how many have a different opinion than yours.

But in case you find yourself a bit torn between the choices, we are here to rescue. Our enlightening and eye catchy infographics can help you weigh the pros and cons of the subject at hand. Provided with genuine statistics and opinions of famous professionals all around the world, we try to present you with real information, completely free of bias. And at any rate, gaining information on a variety of topics with a solid backing of data can be fruitful in a number of walks of life.

From latest to most time-tested topics that inspire curiosity and debate, we keep your leisure time refreshingly occupied. From politics, science to some of the most common social issues encountered, we swing through a wide range of the spectrum of issues. Looking for knowledge entangled with fun, visit us anytime! You won’t be disappointed.